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Hi I'm Martin Hollingham the MSc Water Resources Course Organizer for 8 years at the Centre for Arid Zone Studies at the University of Wales, Bangor, but now just an ordinary lecturer/ researcher since the course closed in 2003.

My academic interests are largely hydrometry, water harvesting and water quality, water and sewage treatment and small scale hydropower.

I have carried out water resources assessments for peri urban communities in Hubli Dharwad, Karnataka, India. I have also worked for Development Corporation Ireland and have installed 18 raingauges on Farmsteads in Ethiopia and advised Debub and Mekelle university staff on rainfall analysis and techniques to calculate a water balance.

In 2001 I was a water engineer/ auditor for DEFRA in Cumbria, during the foot and mouth crisis, however the official secrets act prevents me from saying much more about that.

I live in Bangor, but I still have the shed at Newborough, Anglesey, North Wales. I am often found there at weekends fishing, canoeing, swimming, or measuring water levels in the forest and dune slacks.

In previous years I lived in Church Bay on Anglesey and was a motorcycle mechanic at Bikes 'n' Bits in Boddffordd run by the infamous Tim Evans.


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