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Monitoring Waterlevels at Newborough

Past monitoring

Monitoring started in early 1989, The CCW dipwells were located on 2 parallel lines extending into the forest from the warren. The Forestry commision wells  were located all over the forest and were installed at about the same time as the CCW wells. These well records are in this spreadsheet and a better map of their locations can be found by clicking on the location map below.



Current monitoring

Monitoring began in April 2005, using those former CCW and FC wells which could be found and a few extra ones found along the way (these wells are prefixed NW). In May 2006 new dipwells financed by Lawrence Jones of CEH and myself were installed with the help of Rob and Isabelle Opptiz (on loan from Belgium). Dipwells were installed using a length of old drainpipe, a soil auger and a big hammer. (These wells have the prefix CEH).

Map of current well locations (1 mb)

Water levels: April 2006 (Excel Spreadsheet) Includes grid refs , elevation and upstand data for wells


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