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Dr Fasil with the water harvesting micro catchments that he designed, on the hill behind are soil conservation terraces. This picture was taken near Adi Abi, Tigray

Water Harvesting

Water harvesting is a modern term for an ancient technique which collects rainfall for future use for drinking or for agriculture. There is some overlap with other techniques such as spate harvesting and micro dams.

My first encounter with water harvesting was in the Jebel Akhdar of Oman, where I observed several small dams and spate irrigation systems. Since then I have observed several water harvesting systems in India and Ethiopia.

Below are my lecture notes for water harvesting which is part of the 'Land Husbandry for Drought Prone Areas' MSc module.

Water harvesting lectures Part 1

Water harvesting lectures Part 2



I have also designed a couple of water harvesting spreadsheets

Monthly model - uses monthly rainfall totals, includes and agronomic model

Daily model - uses a daily rainfall record. The data in the spreadsheet is from Oman

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