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Betson M, Connell M & Bristow C. (2002). Groundwater modelling of Newborough Warren: A report for the Countryside Council for Wales , Volume 5, Hydrogeology, The Impact of Forestry on Coastal Geomorphology at Newborough Warren/Ynys Llanddwyn NNR, SSSI, pSAC.

Betson, M. and Scholefield, P. (2004). Review of evapotranspiration of herbaceous and afforested dune land ecosystems: The implications for the water balance in Newborough Warren National Nature Reserve, Anglesey, Wales . Report to the Countryside Council for Wales , ADAS Consulting Ltd., Wolverhampton , UK.

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Stratford C., Robins N., and Hollingham M. (2009). An assessment of the interactions between hydrology, land use and climate change at two coastal dune systems in Wales, UK. Paper presented at the 2nd Multidisciplianary Conference on Hydrology and Ecology. Vienna 20-23 April 2009.




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