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Newbourgh Forest from Llanddwyn Island


Dune Slack ponds in Jan 2005

Newborough Forest

Where is Newborough Forest and whats so special ?

What is the problem with the forest?

Records and Publications?



Since April, 2005 I have been recording the water levels in the warren and forest. I can also predict the when flooding occurs in the warren based on the water balance. Variations in the water balance can explain the percieved drying out of the warren.

The full reasoning behind my early critisims of the CCW hydrological research at Newborough are on this web page, my later thoughts on the hydrology of the warren are here, and my latest report on the comparison of the CCW and Forest well records and a few other documents are here.

In general I have no objections to the original plan, however I do object to the hydrological generalisations and justifications used.


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